Our business runs for the benefit of the Havoc Foundation. We employ veterans and first responders while the profits from the business go to the foundation. The Havoc Foundation is our real mission. We are building the first of its kind network of self-sustaining, full spectrum, holistically based communities for veterans and first responders on properties designed specifically for the healing process. 


Your purchases through the business will directly impact our ability to create these communities and cultivate the healing process for countless men and women who currently need a hand up and not a hand out.   

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We are a veteran and first responder owned and operated small business. We research, develop and manufacture simple but highly effective parts for rifles. We are also a partner with and distributor for Lucas Oil Products for the Gov't, First Responder and Veteran Owned Business Markets. We would like to do business with you.  Please contact us directly for bulk discounts, dealer opportunities or to support our efforts.   

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Donnie: 325-513-0335